With a 37 year background in human resources management, I experienced time and again how life sapping and physically debilitating long-term performance stresses can become.

My personal experience and introduction to BodyTalk began in 2011 whilst having to find ways myself to deal with the non-stop stressful career and it helped tremendously. That said it wasn’t till about 7 years down the line where I realised the damage we do to ourselves with constant stress, when my own health issues could not be addressed by means of just conventional medicine anymore. After 16 knee surgeries, still in pain and having tried everything else, I realised that pain always acts as a messenger to show us what is not working in our bodies and that medicine didn’t change my issues with my knees – only my perception i.e. that I couldn’t feel the pain anymore. It was during this healing journey that I discovered the real value of BodyTalk again not only relating to my knees but my whole Bodymind.

The holistic approach of BodyTalk focusses on restoring balance, communication and synchronising all levels of the person, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too in order for our bodies to heal itself!

In this era of “pill popping” as quick fixes, this healing modality is mind-blowing on so many levels and never ceases to amaze me as to our body’s own healing capabilities! I am eternally grateful for stumbling upon BodyTalk and are incredibly humbled that I can now assist others in their healing process and leading quality lives.

As member of the International BodyTalk Association and the South Africa BodyTalk Association, I do this through the gentle modalities of BodyTalk, Access Consciousness BARS, Reiki and Mindscape and look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.

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