BodyTalk asks the question “where can we start to get this working better?”, instead of working with “what is wrong?”

I attended my first BodyTalk training in 2006, and this practical approach to working with the body and mind, immediately made sense to me. Instead of focussing on the diagnosis, and the issues in the body, using the BodyTalk protocol immediately starts where its simplest and easier for the body to start making changes.

5 people may suffer from ‘headache’, but the causes might vary from allergies, to hormonal disturbances, to tensions in the spine .. checking “what is priority” and “where shall we start” is focussed and effective.

My passion these days is working with brain injuries – whether a child with epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and other special needs. Or the adult with headaches, sleeping problems and mood challenges.

Advanced BodyTalk training in brain anatomy and psychology, as well as using Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, is a stimulating rewards form of treatment.

My business name is now Rosalind Road Therapy Centre, which also has an occupational therapist and a psychologist and a reflexologist on the premises – a steady stream of families and children finding help, in difficult situations.

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