BodyTalk changed my life from surviving to LIVING reaching my "full potential again" with positive energy, vitality and passion and a new career as full time BodyTalk practitioner.

Overwhelming work stress in the corporate working environment for 13 years as a financial manager, together with challenging social issues led to severe burn out, adrenal fatigue, resulting in a nervous breakdown and eventually a medical condition that nearly ended my life.

I was introduced to BodyTalk and started my BodyTalk healing journey. One week after my first Body Talk session, I enrolled into the Body Talk Fundamental Course, qualified as a Body Talk Practitioner, the year after. One advance course after the other follows and a new world of healing was introduced to me on all levels.

It was during my time as part time counselor that I came to the realisation that there is a “missing piece in the puzzle” in the healing journey of the body, soul and spirit. I found the “missing piece” in the BodyTalk system!

Daily I experience the “WOW” of the BodyTalk system guiding the body’s own ability to let go of past hurts, unresolved emotions that got stuck in the body’s organs, tissues, systems, lymph, muscles and bones, affecting the whole person regarding health, decision making, vitality, and relationships.

Clients experience amazing results with the “Emotional” Lymphatic Drainage techniques. Book your session with me and feel the difference in your body!


Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Lymphatic Drainage
Kinesio Weight Loss Programme
Emotional Healing and Counseling

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